SK Business Support offers our clients full time support without the full time salary. You can call on us to assist you at any time and rest assured that you will only pay for the time we work for you.

We offer three payment options to our clients:

Hourly rate – ‘Pay As You Go’

You only pay for hours used as and when required – ‘Pay As You Go’ (PAYG).

The PAYG option is ideal for clients who need occasional, ad-hoc assistance.

Our hourly rate is flexible depending on the complexity of the work and our client’s specific needs so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

There is no minimum booking time or commitment – just book one hour if that is all you need!

Our hourly rate covers our time, our tax & NI commitments, our overheads and subscriptions. It saves our client from paying tax & NI, holiday pay, sick pay, maternity/paternity pay and overheads at their office such as a desk, computer and utilities.

We provide a better service than temps too because we get to know your business and develop a working system and relationship with you on an ongoing basis meaning there is no need for constant retraining and no expensive recruitment agency fees to pay.

Whole Project Rate

We can work with you on a ‘per project’ basis. This payment option is especially useful for clients who have particular, one-off projects they need assistance with and we can negotiate a project fee with you for such work.

You can also book in advance for specific projects or tasks so that you have the peace of mind that the work will be covered.

We provide no obligation quotes for specific tasks or projects so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Monthly Retainer Rate

The most cost effective way of working with us is to sign up to a monthly retainer package which offers you peace of mind and the luxury of an on-call assistant at a fraction of the cost of an employee.

This is ideal for clients who need ongoing assistance. Retainer packages ensure continued support and guarantee you a specific number of hours each month.

Each Retainer Package is offered at a discounted rate when compared to our Pay As You Go hourly rate.

Please contact us for further information and to discuss the most appropriate payment package for you and your business.

Secretarial Support

Document Filing

Spreadsheet Production

Proof Reading

Invoice Preparation

Credit Control

Telesales Support

Email Monitoring

PR/Marketing Support

Diary Management

Event Management

SAGE/Accounts Support

Website Reviews

Website Administration

Routine Web Maintenance

Holiday/Sickness Cover


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